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Male Body Hair Trimming


I'm offering my talents in a field that seems to be exceptionally rare - real Manscaping. I see plenty of parlors that offer waxing service, but that's not manscaping. It would be like waxing your head and then calling it a haircut.



I do TRUE manscaping; I give your body an actual haircut. I have years of experience and can look at your physique and hair growth pattern and help you decide how your body hair could optimally be trimmed. Don't just remove the beautiful hair you were born with. Let me beautify it!


You don't let your hair on your head just grow wildly and randomly do you? The hair on your body is the same; it simply needs trimming and tailoring to look it's best. I can leave it longer in areas that will look good with a compliment of fuzziness, and fade the edges down to give it a nice natural appearance. 



I've been a nudist and artist for years and am comfortable with all body types. Also, being gay, I do know how to bring out the ultimate appeal in the male form.

Contact me for an appointment, or if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you! I am available for sessions at my location or yours.

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